Time and again, the city of Austin, Texas has been voted one of the top 3 dog-friendly cities in the United States—one of the few places on earth where anyone with love for dogs would feel right at home.

With 11 dog parks around town, plenty of water for the pups to play in, a wide variety, large number of pet boutiques and health food stores; the city offers a ton of activities that dogs can share with their owners. Rover.com rates Austin Dog Fair and Easter Pet Parade & Costume Contest among the most fun and unmissable pet dog events. The report goes ahead to state that the average household in Austin spends $30.5 every month on a dog. How is that for a dog paradise!

If you have a dog, you probably don’t need anyone to tell you how much it involves just to keep it healthy and looking great. Aside from proper diet, lots of love, regular visits to the vet and plenty of exercises, your dog needs regular grooming as an essential factor in responsible guardianship. Even if you do not live in Austin, Texas, there are many resources you will find locally—tools and services—that you can use to keep your dog looking and feeling loved.

Continue reading this page to learn the most important dog grooming information to make you a better and prouder dog owner.

Why Take Your Dog To A Salon?

Dog After A Wash

Although grooming may seem superficial to many, it offers a ton of benefits inside out. First off, it is a great way to get rid of dead hair on the skin and to distribute natural oils, helping keep the dog’s skin and coat healthy and beautiful. Grooming offers the owner an opportunity to check for parasites, scratches, and unusual bumps and lumps on the skin that may need attention and when done right, improves blood circulation just the way a massage improves a human’s blood circulation. When you groom your dog, you help it reduce stress and lower blood pressure, not to mention that it is scientifically proven that it helps you calm down as well.

Which Age Should You Start Grooming?

The golden rule with grooming your dog is to start as early as possible. When you get your puppy used to being handled while it is still young, it will get used to it and even grow to love it. Early and regular grooming also makes veterinary examinations in the future less stressful for your loving companion.However, how much and how frequently you need to groom the dog largely depends on the coat type, the breed, and how often they shed fur.

For long haired breeds, it is advisable that you groom every day to prevent tangling. Dogs with medium fur should be brushed about once a week or once every two weeks and those with short fur can go for as long as a month or two without grooming.It is important, however, to remember that grooming is not all about keeping the dog beautiful by passing a brush over the soft fur; the grooming process should be a quality bonding time that also accords the owner a chance to scrutinize the dog’s body condition and spot any early symptoms of health issues.

What Actually Happens At The Salon?

Many people mistakenly believe that grooming is all about a bath and brushing the dog’s fur only. Dog grooming should be a thorough cleaning and upkeep process that involves several steps including:

Unless your dog has a habit of getting into dirty and smelly situations, it will need bathing only every two to four months. When you bath the dog too frequently, that may dry out its skin and even strip the natural oils off its coat. When bathing the dog, be sure to use shampoo made specifically for dogs and lather up the coat before rinsing.

Regular brushing is recommended no matter how long or short the dog’s fur is. Brushing is an essential grooming process that keeps the dog’s coat clean and healthy, stimulates the surface and sloughs off dry and dead skin. Since brushing has other specific purposes such as helping the dog shed a seasonal coat and even calm your pet, it is recommended that you make time to brush your dog’s fur every couple of days.

Feet and nails
It is beneficial to keep your dog’s feet and nails nicely and neatly trimmed. Not only do nicely trimmed look nice, they also help reduce the amount of sand particles, stickers, tar, ice balls, and other debris that get caught in the feet. Learn some dog grooming Austin tricks to know how to use a pair of scissors to trim the pads of the dog’s feet and between the toes and to help the pup walk comfortably by clipping its nails. This is particularly important because the nails grow in a curve, causing the toes’ and fingers’ to twist or splay when the dog is walking.

Your dog will not like the idea of you cleaning the inside of its ears for the simple reason that it just does not feel good. Ear cleaning, however, is an important procedure that helps prevent ear infections by getting rid of fleas, wood ticks, dust, and other forms of dirt. You should typically clean your dog’s ears’ about once a week using a gauze and ear cleaning solutions.

Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to a range of dental problems including tartar buildup, gum disease, and cavities. Bacteria accumulating in the teeth can get into the bloodstream and cause other health complications. As a part of dog grooming Austin, you should regularly clean the dog’s teeth using a special canine tooth brush and toothpaste. Do not use human toothpaste to avoid stomach upsets.

Grooming your dog is a healthy, fun and enjoyable task that has immense benefits not only for the dog but for you too. If for some reason you cannot groom your dog, there are experienced groomers in Austin ,Texas and other cities all over the US you can go to .

Professionals charge a small fee to ensure your dog gets the best grooming service it needs.

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