When going for vacation you will need to leave your dog on the hands of someone else. It will be a great idea after you decide to take your dog to the best boarding facility in Austin, Texas.

Sending your dog to a kennel

Your dog will start developing separation anxiety when it discovers you are planning to leave, but, you can easily make it cope with the situation by employing the right preparation tips. Most dog kennel services will offer 24 hour coverage for your dog.

The facilities are made to protect your dog against extreme whether conditions as well as making the dog happy. It is upon you to visit the center and assess the condition of the facility before you decide to leave the dog with the professionals. The best facility for you to trust with your dog should be those which will take care of your dog depending on the checklist which you will offer them. Basically, there are two types of kennel services available in Austin.

You can decide to go for basic care services or fancy frills. In basic care services your dog will be offered services such as indoor exercises plans, cleaning of kennels with disinfectants, dogs going out when inside is being cleaned, good ventilation, provision for a variety of diets, cleaning of bedding, the pet is fed on its own diet, necessary medication, the dogs recommended vet is cleaned in case of an emergency, the dog should be flea free and the pet should be current on all vaccination.

On the other hand, a fancy frill will incorporate services such as dog grooming before it can return home, pickup and delivery services, toys, special housing for elderly or sick dogs, exercise areas for dogs, obedience training, gift and supply shop, plush bedding, intake examination of dogs and an opportunity to visit the kennel staff in a lounge area. It is upon you to assess the kennel services available so that you will decide on one which will suit you well.

Tips for you to choose a dog-boarding facility in Austin

Experience of the kennel facility staff

In order to be assured of the best services, you should first check on the experience of the dog boarding facility staff so that you will know whether they have the necessary experience required for them to offer you the best services. Professionals who are caring will be the best for you to trust with your dog if you are going for a vacation which will last for a long period of time. The staff should know how to take care of different breeds of dogs. You can start by asking them relevant questions about your dog breed so that you will know whether they will be in a better position of taking good care of it after you leaf it under their care.

You could always reach out to someone like Austin Dog and ask them about their opinion if you have any doubts.

Safety of the facility

The best kennel facility for you to leave your dog should be safe and secure for your dog. It should be well maintained with good lighting system for your dog to stay comfortable. In order to avoid cases where your dog will be exposed to infections, the facility should be well ventilated. You can visit the facility prior to taking your dog there so that you will check on the ventilation. Lighting and heating should be of the right standards for the dogs to enjoy their stay in the facility. The facility should be designed in such a way the dog will be free from attacks by others which may be unfriendly or wild animals which can intrude.

Vaccination of the dogs before admission

In order to avoid cases where you will admit your dog in a facility where it will be exposed to infections, you should ensure you take the dog to a facility where all dogs which are admitted have been vaccinated. If you will like to stay for a long period of time out of Austin, Texas, then you should consider a facility which will vaccinate your dog when the period of vaccination is due. You can leave them with the checklist of your dog vaccination history so that they will vaccinate the dog. A facility which has a vet on call 24/7 will be in a better position of attending to your dog in case of an emergency.

Check whether the professional can accommodate your dog for the entire period you will be away

In order to avoid inconveniences, you should ask the professionals whether they will accommodate your dog for the specific period of time when you will be away. If you will stay away for a long period of time, you should ask them about the cost so that you will make the right decision. The pet facilities will be required by law to have licenses. In order to avoid cases where you will return and find the facility was closed down long time ago, you should insist to see the license before you leave your dog with them. The attendants should be well conversant on how to handle different types of dogs.

Special requirements of your dog

There are some dog breeds which will have hairs which will grow very fast. In order to maintain the dog in good condition, you should ask whether the professionals will offer the grooming services apart from the Dog boarding services in Austin. If you have more than one dog which you will like to stay together, you should ask the facility attendants whether they will allow the pets to stay in the same kennel. This is necessary to reduce stress which the dogs will be exposed to if they have been used to staying together. If you had maintained a habit of taking your dog out for a walk each day, you should ask the professionals for you to know whether they will still take the dog out for a walk. If they will not be in position, then they should explain to you clear plans on how they will exercise the dog so that it will maintain good health.