Being a pet owner can be more rewarding and fulfilling if the pet undergoes obedience training. With this kind of training a dog will learn how to obey the basic commands, such as “sit,” “come,” and “stay.” For those who live in Austin, and want their dogs to be able to follow the commands that are more difficult in nature, then giving him an advanced obedience training Austin-based would be ideal.

As we talk about obedience training, it’s important to take note that the purpose shouldn’t be limited to teaching the dog various commands, but to make sure that he’ll be “obedient” and follow the commands every time it’s given. This can take several months, and sometimes, it could even take years before the dog can be properly trained. This would all base on the methods used, ability of the trainer, consistency of training, age of the dog, and the kind of support the dog owner is willing to provide.

Train your dog to be obedient

Why you should train your dog

Those who are wondering why dog training is important, thinking that it’s already enough to feed the dog on time, give him a bath, play with him, and walk him, this can be an indication that there’s a lot to learn. In order to fully comprehend what dog training is all about, here are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed through the help of obedience training.

Your Dog Becomes Well-Behaved
Nothing is more satisfying and fun than having a well-behaved dog. Yes, it’s a fact that dogs enjoy playing around, that they can be compared to a little ball of energy. However, this isn’t something that should be tolerated. A dog should know when to behave once the owner tells him to stop, and make sure that he won’t be causing any problems, biting anyone, or destroying objects.

If a dog is behaved, this would allow the owner to bring him in public places without worrying that it’ll cause trouble to other people. This also makes caring for the dog a lot more easier.

It Makes your Dog Smarter
Dogs learn through everyday routines. Just like little kids, they begin by observing the movements and they’ll stick with the routines they’re accustomed to. Aside from that, they’re also naturally curious in a sense that they have the ability to learn if they want to. Though, if the owner won’t allot some time to challenge them, then the dog’s learnings would be restricted.

With the help of obedience training, it allows the dog to learn new things, commands, and tasks they’re not familiar of. For example, by teaching the dog the smell of a sock, no matter where it’s hidden, he’ll be able to find that sock. This wouldn’t happen if he didn’t learn this trick through dog training.

Strengthens the Bond
A dog that knows how to follow commands is an indication that he knows how to respond to his owner and please him. Obviously, humans cannot talk dog language, and these animals can’t talk like humans too. However, through commands and interactions, both the owner and pet create a bond that breaks this language barrier. An obedient dog means that the dog owner will be able to spend more quality time with his pet and do more things together. Right then, this will build trust and respect, resulting to better pet-owner relationship.

Train Your Dog Starting Today
It doesn’t matter if the dog is still a puppy or a senior, dog training should be done as early as possible. Here are some ways on how to make the obedience training as effective as it should be.

Communication Is the Key
Although dogs are considered to be part of the family, it’s important to accept the fact that they’re not human beings. Just like what has been mentioned earlier, one cannot expect his dog to listen and automatically comply with the commands given– just like children. They don’t have the language capabilities that human beings have. If the dog isn’t responding to commands, this wouldn’t be his fault, nor the owner. However, this can be avoided with the help of proper dog training.

Consistency and Patience Are Important
Not being consistent with the commands will make the dog confused and the owner frustrated. For example, if the command “Sit Fiddo!” is used at times, then it was changed to “Fiddo, sit now!” it’s more likely that he won’t know what it means. Likewise, if the dog is being rewarded for sitting sometimes, but there are occasions where he isn’t, he won’t equate this type of behavior with having a reward. Patience is very important, and getting frustrated will only make everything worse.

Dogs Enjoy Getting Rewards
When a dog follows instructions, learn new tricks, it’s imperative to give him a reward. With dogs, it’s impossible to wait until later, and say “Good Boy,” he has to know it right away. Patting a dog on the head and telling him how good he is, can be a form of reinforcement. Keep in mind, dogs love attention. Snacks can also be a nice treat and he’ll definitely appreciate this form of reward. Remember, a dog’s job is to please his owner, and giving him rewards is a form of acknowledgment.

Giving rewards should be consistent, and consequences should be given when a dog misbehaves. Similar to humans, each dog has his own personality, as well as dominant behavior traits. This is what makes a dog unique; for this reason, every rule should depend on the dog’s personality.

Never Give Up
Just like most pet parents, there’s no doubt that a dog owner is pretty busy and has a lot of things to accomplish, and there isn’t much time in a day either. However, dog training should never be neglected. For those who are quite busy and cannot give their dogs the attention they deserve, it’s never too late to call for help. There are a lot of pet centers out there that offer dog training. The key is, do your research first in order to ensure that the company you’re going to hire has the professionals who are capable of training your dog the right way.

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