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How Often Should You Groom Your Dog?

If you are asking the question “how often should you groom your dog?”, then you are two possible scenarios. It’s either you are planning to get a dog or you already have one and don’t know how to fully take care of it yet. Either way, this article is going to give you a brief overview of what you need to know when it comes to grooming your beloved pet.

Dog happy after grooming

First Things First

When someone asks if how often should a dog be groomed, it usually means professional grooming. However, the term pet grooming is a broad subject. Nevertheless, this article will break it down for you. Let’s start with professional pet grooming.

Professional Grooming

No matter how much you take care of your dog, it is still advisable that you take it to a professional dog grooming service. How often? Usually every 6 to 8 weeks, but this depends on several factors.

Professional Pet Grooming Factors

* Breed – the breed of your dog is a big determining factor of how often should you take your pet for a professional pet grooming. As a general rule, the “furrier” your dog is, the more you should take it for pet grooming. For example, a pit bull needs lesser professional grooming trips compared to a Shih Tzu. Also, the lesser your dog sheds, the more often it should be taken for a professional grooming.

* Lifestyle – your dog’s lifestyle is another factor. If your dog stays outdoors most of the time, it’s only natural that it needs more professional grooming trips.

* Hair Length – if you prefer your dog to have long sweeping hair, then you need to take your dog to a professional grooming more often.

Having a professional to groom your pet costs money, but you can lessen the visits by brushing your dog regularly. You will know that your dog’s hair is maintained very well if a comb can run through it without any snags. Aside from professional grooming, you will also need to bath your dog.

How Often Should You Bath Your Dog?

This is a touchy subject and you will get different answers from different pet owners. However, this article suggests that you don’t bath your dog more than once a month. There is a reason for this.

The more you bath your dog, the more you run into the risk of removing the natural oils in your dog’s skin and hair. Without the natural oil, your pet’s skin will dry up, and this can cause itching. Keep in mind that too much scratching will lead to irritation and pain. You can eliminate the need for frequent bathing by brushing your dog’s hair. Now that we have covered bathing, lets move to one of the most overlooked aspect of dog grooming.

How Often Should You Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

Most dog owners have the tendency to neglect the nails of their pets. Most dog breeds have a vein that runs in the nail. Thankfully, frequent nail trimming can recede the vein, and this can lessen the risk of your dog running into dangerous situations. It is recommended that you trim your dog’s nail once in every 2 to 3 weeks. You can either use a nail clipper or a dog dremel.

Taking care of your dog means that you should not neglect its grooming needs. At the very least, you should focus on professional pet grooming, bathing and nail trimmings to ensure that your dog’s grooming needs are met.

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