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Showing Your Dog You Care

Showing your dog you care about him (or her) is one of the most important things you can do to establish a bond between the two of you, and to keep your dog feeling happy. Dog’s are naturally pack animals and they respond best in a structured environment. This means that by establishing yourself as the alpha, or the leader, you can help your dog to figure out their role. Once you have established yourself as the alpha it’s very important that you show your dog affection, and that you use positive reinforcement to help train them. While telling your dog that they are bad when they do something wrong is important, it’s even more important that you reward good behavior with praise. Showing your dog you care about him (or her) by petting them, giving them treats, and praising them when they do well will help to reinforce good behaviors making your dog easier to care for.

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The most important thing to remember about dogs is that they want to please you since you are their master. If you are happy then they are happy. So keeping this in mind it’s important that you let your dog know when you are happy. By using their willingness to please you to your advantage, you can help to teach your dogs the kinds of behaviors that you like. Something as simple as a little pat on the head, or a belly rub can make a dog’s day. When you use these types of rewards at the appropriate times you can not only get your dog to behave better, you can make them happy to do it.

Of course showing your dog you care about him (or her) is more than just about getting your dog to behave better. You and your dog share a special bond, and showing affection to him is important for nurturing that bond. Most dog owners will tell you that their dog is a part of the family. Like any other member of a family your dog needs love and affection. You can show your dog you care about him by using verbal praise, treats, or petting them. There are few things in the world that most dogs enjoy more than laying on their back and having their master affectionately rubbing their belly.

Dogs are social animals that respond best when they know where they stand in a group, and once they understand that you are their boss they will do whatever they can to please you. While training a dog can be challenging, it’s always important that you remember that your dog will respond best to positive reinforcement.

Instead of going overboard and losing your temper and yelling when your dog does something bad, take a moment to compose yourself. Then calmly, but in a stern voice tell your dog they are bad. This will let them know they did something wrong which will disappoint them. Make sure that as soon as they exhibit a good behavior that you reward it very emphatically, by doing this your dog will learn to understand what you want from them. Showing your dog you care about him (or her) will help to develop a strong bond between the two of you that will last for many years.

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