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The Best Dog Care Practices You Should Know

That dog might be the best companion you have ever had. But do you have all that it takes to keep the pet in a stable condition? In this I mean, is your canine companion’s health and happiness up to the right standards? Yes, these are the most important factors to look at. The good news is, there are various dog care practices to make this done. Here are the ultimate ones that can elevate the cheerful heights of your dog to a higher level.

Groom your dog weekly

1. Feeding
Let your dog’s feeding habit fall within the recommended standards. Mostly, the feeding pattern should be guided by the pet’s age. It is advised that 12 weeks old puppies should have 4 meals a day, 3-6 months old should be fed with 3 meals a day, 6 months to 1 year need two meals a day, while those above 1 year should have a meal in a day. Most importantly, focus on the food quality to maintain a balanced diet. Canned food or broth, mixed with water can work well for adult dogs. You may also consider cottage cheese, fruits, eggs, and vegetables to supplement the other meals. Just ensure these extras don’t exceed 10 percent of the dog’s daily food consumption.

For puppies rely on puppy-branded foods to aid in providing ample minerals and vitamins. As a result, the dog will grow with strong bones and teeth, plus the general growth rate will increase. Enough and clean water should be provided as well.

2. Exercise
Exercises play a significant role in the dog’s development cycle by burning calories, keeping it healthy and stimulating its mind. The workouts are also necessary for avoiding boredom that may lead to destructive behaviors if not taken care of. But how can you lure your dog to these exercises? Basically, play with it different games and other fun activities including retrieve, running, long walks, etc.

3. Grooming
Dog grooming and keeping your dog clean will reduce the rate of shedding. When washing them, opt for the recommended dog detergents suitable for eliminating fleas and ticks. Carry out this exercise regularly for approximately two times a week. To finish it up, get rid of all mats on the dog’s coat and comb the tresses.

4. Housing
Your pet should be sheltered in a warm, quiet and dry place. The kennel should be built with some inches above the ground with at least a dog bed and a warm blanket. Cleaning shouldn’t be left out of this either; it should be done regularly to keep the surrounding conducive for the dog. The kennel should also be well ventilated for perfect air circulation. Of course you shouldn’t forget to have a litter bin inside the enclosure.

5. Training

If you need to improve the relationship with your pet dog, then this technique is what you ought to use. Training is a drill that is useful to structure the dog’s behavior. The best time to start the training process for your dog should be from its puppy stage. There are simple training basics that one can opt for such as come, go, sit, and leave it etc. Rewards and treats should be used during the training period for enhanced experiences. If need be, a trainer’s help will be even better.

There are various dog care practices that can lead to their perfect well-being. In the question of what the best dog care practices are, all that you need is here.

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